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507021 Magnificent pont de Normandie over the Seine river close to Le Havre

507061 Mont Saint Michel at dusk


507076 The menhirs at Carnac in morning light

507208 Abandoned house

507014 Cliff and beach coast of Etretat

507165 Fading mural advertisement

507118 Those wonderful fields of sunflowers

507116 Fishing nets

507010 The holy grain. The source of the fantastic French bread

507091 ULM flight over Bretagne

507169 Fading hand cart

507109 Beautiful field of woldflowers

507052 Mont Saint Michel at low tide

507025 Under the pont de Normandie

507105 Cote sauvage on the Quiberon peninsula, Bretagne

507075 The menhirs at Carnac in morning light

507128 Abandoned bedroom

507100 Aerial view of coastline of the Quiberon peninsula

507011 Wild horses

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